We carry out comprehensive design and production of modules, sabsystems, satellite platforms and systems tailored to customer requirements.

Support all kind of CubeSat based mission


Own manufacturing facility or support in use other providers


Manufacturing process tailored to customer needs

Phase of manufacturing process

During the research phase, our specialists will adapt the newest technologies to customer requirements. Thanks to our In-Orbit experience, we are able to offer the latest solutions. Our engineers will happily find the way to success even for the most difficult project.

In the design phase, we will prepare a detailed design with documentation. We have extensive experience in designing modules, sabsystems, satellite platforms and systems tailored to customer requirements.

During the development phase our specialists will conduct appropriate meetings with clients to confirm the project. All technological, mechanical and electrical aspects will be discussed and adapted to customer requirements.

We have our own production center, which has constructed mission that are already in orbit. Our Clean Room has high standards of cleanliness. Many of our projects are commercial. Quality is very important to us, that’s why we work only with the best suppliers of parts from around the world.

We have our own testing center in our facility. We can carry out tests:

  • Thermal and Vacuum Test
  • Random Vibration Test

Moreover we are able to support in other tests, such as:

  • Preasure Test
  • Static Load Test
  • Shock Test
  • Acoustic Test

After manufacturing of the system, we are able to assist in launch campaign and offer services after successfully deploying the system in orbit. The types and duration of services depend on customers needs.

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