Cleanroom operations

Our cleanroom is a fully equipped room with a high standard of cleanliness ISO 7 (ISO 14644 1). Designed for integration of components and satellite systems, as well as for their testing.

Support all kind of CubeSat based mission


High standard of cleanliness ISO 7 (ISO 14644 1)


Qualified and experienced specialists

Cleanroom informations


Thermal-vacuum chamber used to simulate conditions on LEO. It allows testing both individual components and complete satellites. The simulation is based on components exposure to periodic heating and cooling in low pressure conditions.

Implementation of electronic circuits

  • precision drill,
  • 2 soldering stations,
  • digital microscope

Common measuring equipment: oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supply equipment, regulated attenuator.

Power supply, generation of variable time waveforms, precise oscilloscope, voltage, current and resistance measurements.


  • Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz to 1.5GHz) – Output spectrum analysis
  • Rohde&Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer (20Hz to 7GHz) – Output spectrum analysis
  • Precision Signal Generator HP E4433B – Signal generation
  • MXA Signal Analyzer N9020A – Analysis of signal components, analysis of quadrature modulation constellations, phase and amplitude errors analysis, density, spectrogram, density Spectrogram, PvT (Power vs. Time), Spectrum, PvT (Power vs. Time), Spectrogram, PvT (Power vs Time)
  • Sigilent SDL1020X E200WDC Electronic Load (to 200W) – Conducting simulations of programmable resistors
  • Agilent E4418B RF Power Meter with attenuator – Measuring of electrical equipment power
  • Vector Network Analyzer Keysight P9375A – Measurement of the scattering matrix, filter characteristics, antenna matching and other elements of the RF path.


Sensitivity tests, precise attenuation setting.

A clean-room for conducting technological works with silicon and glass substrates, characterization of manufactured structures.

  • wet high temperature silicon oxidation process,
  • photolithography,
  • anodic bonding in the air,
  • anode bonding in a vacuum,
  • SEM microscope

Room for carrying out design works

Precise production of prototypes of mechanical elements

  • fume cupboard,
  • ink-jet printer,
  • DLP type printer,
  • stereolithographic printer,
  • incubator,
  • ultrasonic scrubber,
  • heating plate

Microscopic obserwations

  • Leica,
  • Olympus

Precise measurements of deformation/deflection

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