Advanced OBC

Advanced version of On-Board Computer. CubeSat subsystem for payload control and communication with high computing power.

Attitude Determination Control System

Attitude Determination Control System (ADCS) is responsible for satelitte’s on-orbit steering.

Basic OBC + IMU

Basic version of On-Board Computer with Inertial Measurement Unit. CubeSat subsystem for payload control and communication with medium computing power and external MRAM memory. Ideal for simple scientific experiments.

Computing Unit

Computing Unit for CubeSat’s OBC. Additional high computing power processor and external MRAM memory. Prepared for most available interfaces.

Communication Module

Communication module enables communication with ground station. CM consists of two Sub-GHz redundant transceiver’s module and microcontroler for external S-Band transmitter. 

Electrical Power System

EPS module (Electrical Power System) is responsible for performing energy harvesting, energy storage and energy distribution to other modules under controlled conditions to provide safety and proper operation of whole satellite.