Data analytics

We offer comprehensive analysis of satellite data based on Machine Learning.

High resolution Earth Observation data


Data analysis based on Machine Learning


Extensive use of satellite data in business

Satellite imagery data

We provide high resolution imagery in 5 meters GSD. Our roadmap is to obtain GSD lower than 1 meter.

In coopeartion with our partners we offer daily earth observation services in GSD from 3.5 to 0.5 meters

Machine learning methods have wide range of application in earth observation, such as:

  • Large scale extraction of buildings, roads and other features
  • Detection and counting of single objects like ships, airplanes and cars
  • Landcover and crops classification
  • Agriculture – crops monitoring based on NDVI
  • Defense & Intelligence – rapid tasking and object detection based on ML algorithms
  • Insurance – approval of insurance claims based on archival imagery
  • Energy & Infrastructure – right of way monitoring around the critical infrastructure
  • Finance & Business Intelligence – monitoring of industrial activity and logistics operations
  • Forestry & Land Use – monitoring logging operations and forest health
  • Government – change detection, monitoring of non-permitted buildings, urban infrastructure and natural resources
  • Education & Research – application of multispectral imagery in natural sciences
  • Maritime – monitoring of maritime traffic and harbour activity
  • Emergency Management – wildfire management, damage assesment after natural disasters

Vision 300 is an optical payload designed by SatRevolution in cooperation with Irix Lens. It was used on the SW1FT platform and will be used in the STORK platform. Its GSD resolution is 5m. It is a high-quality, high-definition optical payload. Imager taken by him will be available later this year.

Real-time Earth-observation Constelacion in short REC is the main project carried out by SatRevolution. Our goal is to place a constellation in orbit that will provide a GSD of less than 1m and ultimately revisit time every half hour.
The first milestones have already been achieved. The In-Orbit demonstration mission of the Światowid satellite was successful. Currently, our next optical satellite SW1FT is being prepared for flight, with our optical system Vision 300 on board.
The next steps will be to place the first satellites of the REC constellation – ScopeSat in orbit. ScopeSat satellites will have a unique folding telescope system – DeploScope which will allow us to achieve our resolution assumptions. Ultimately, there will be over 1,000 satellites in orbit, which will ensure very frequent visits to the area.
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