Basic OBC + IMU

Basic version of On-Board Computer with Inertial Measurement Unit. CubeSat subsystem for payload control and communication with medium computing power and external MRAM memory. Ideal for simple scientific experiments.

Basic OBC

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Technical details


  • Main processor: MSP430, 8-16MHz, 256KB FRAM, Ultra Low-Power Modes

  • Inner module communications (IMC)

  • Communication with payload based on UART


  • 1-3-axis control based on magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope


  • Current consumption: 120 µA/MHz (processor) + other components for payload control

  • Power switches for payload 3.3 V and 12 V

  • Connector FX10A-168 and PC/104
  • Total mass: 37 g

  • Size: 96 x 96 x 5 mm

  • Thermal-vaccuum

  • Random vibrations

  • EMC