SatRevolution Announces Shared Earth-observation Mission with Multispectral Capability to launch in December 2021

August 12, 2020 – Wroclaw, Poland – SatRevolution (, a forerunner of the space industry in Poland, today announced a shared Earth-observation mission with multispectral capability to launch in December 2021.

The December 2021 mission, called SOWA, will follow in the footsteps of SatRevolution’s previous missions SW1FT and STORK, which will launch in December 2020 and June 2021 respectively. All missions are equipped with SatRevolution’s optical payload Vision 300, capable of capturing imagery of up to 5 m resolution, however SOWA mission will come with multispectral capability to provide additional remote sensing services.

SOWA CubeSat Platform

All current SatRevolution missions are milestones on the way to the launch of the constellation. “We are progressing quickly with our Earth-observation technology,” said Grzegorz Zwolinski, Co-founder and CEO of SatRevolution. “We are happy that we can provide our customers with imagery and data even before the constellation takes to orbit in 2023”.

SatRevolution SOWA is a development based on the tried and tested NanoBus platform, but now in 6U format with dual optical payload and on-board image processing. Extended bus allows more external payload capacity and additional optical capability. Besides RGB imagery, SatRevolution provides more options with a second, near-infrared (NIR) sensing instrument. A combination of payloads and spectral bands allows users on the ground to enjoy valuable data, such as NDVI and other indexes, aimed at agricultural, insurance and utilities sectors.

SOWA is the third in series of service provision missions, where in-orbit verification and demonstration for external payloads comes hand in hand with actual data and imaging service back to users on the ground. The mission is scheduled to launch to Sun Synchronous Orbit to suit a variety of orbital needs and on-the-ground use cases. Once the satellite is commissioned, SatRevolution will start imagery data and services provision to its customers.

The innovative shared nature of the mission allows multiple customers to utilize a single platform. Hardware and software providers, as well as current and potential users of imagery data and services, can benefit from decreased capital and operational expenses. Based on such solutions, SatRevolution, along with other prominent companies in the newspace industry, are playing a part in the democratization of access to space and its products.