Podcasting with Rainer Groh & The SatRevolution Team


At the beginning of September, we posted a press release on expanding our business to the United Kingdom (https://bit.ly/2Fi2rNh) We cannot wait to develop our company in one of the biggest markets in Newspace. In the meantime, as we settle in the UK, we decided to visit Rainer Groh (virtually at least) at the University of Bristol. Mr. Groh has a podcast named Aerospace Engineering (https://bit.ly/3ixrkD0), in which our very own, Damian Jamroz (Managing Director) and Grzegorz Marzec (Pre-Sales Engineer) spoke about SatRevolution.

Aerospace Engineering Podcast

Aerospace Engineering podcast consists of conversations with Aerospace engineers, scientific breakthroughs in battery technology, machine learning, and more! Mr. Groh is an aerospace engineer himself and is a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow at the Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS).

Our Conversation

Damian spoke about the beginnings of SatRevolution, how, when, and why it started. He mentioned the importance of why is Real-Time Earth-observation so important for SatRevolution. Where is Satrevolution today? How many satellites are in low Earth orbit? Finally, Damian spoke about our future satellites, SOWA and STORK. Grzegorz, on the other hand, spoke specifically of what are the goal missions, capabilities, and benefits of STORK. Additionally, he commented on the technical and engineering challenges that exist when it comes to designing CubeSat platforms. Last but not least, Grzegorz discussed the insights of using data analytics by applying machine learning to satellite data.

If you would like to hear the entire conversation between Rainer, Damian and Grzegorz, follow our podcast below. We leave you with a picture of our team members Damian and Grzegorz (respectfully) since they enjoyed making this podcast so much.

Podcasting with Rainer Groh & The SatRevolution Team
Damian Jamroz, Managing Director of SatRevolution of Ltd. (UK) and Grzegorz Marzec, Pre-Sales Engineer at SatRevolution

Special Thanks

A big thanks to Rainer, for allowing us to be in his podcast! Also, if you would like to hear our podcast and get to know more about Aerospace Engineering, please follow the link below: