REVOLUTION IS COMING SatRevolution aims high and leave Polish trace in the universe map


Światowid is the first Polish EO satellite with data available for radio amateurs. The size of the satellite is 10cm x 10cm x 20cm and it is fully compatible with 2-unit cubesat standard. The mass of the spacecraft is 2kg.


Światowids mechanical structure is made of Scalmalloy material which contains scandium, aluminium and magnesium. The material is lightweight and strong as titanium. As a result, the satellite is resistant to deformation, vibration cosmic radiance, extreme conditions in the ionosphere and the variation of temperature from -150 ° C to 300 ° C. • electronic compliance with the specifications as defined by the ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) setting out standards for the use in space engineering • random vibration testing 20Hz-2kHz, 14g2 / Hz - required by American organizations sending satellites into space (NASA, SpaceX, etc.) • temperature resistance from -150 ° C to 300 ° C • pressure down to 10 μPa • other requirements depend on the size and shape of the satellites (eg. acoustic vibration)